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wenfj2000   2010-04-07
Why Buy From g2gmart
Who is

g2gmart is NO.1 runescape gold seller,all gold is farmed by 100% hand,we have a lot of professional runescape players

runescape gold is too hard to farm in game,you need spend a lot of time on it,so buy from players is a smart idea,but there are many scammer site in the market,they take your money and dont deliver your rs gold,g2gmart promise 100% delivery or instant refund.



"Customers NO.1 " - customer no.1 in our slogan,we always provide excellent service to customers.


g2gmart PlayerGuardian Buyer Protections :

1.We use VPN to hide our real ip address when trading runescape gold,this vpn uses dynamic ip,so ip changes all the time.we promise this is 100% safe,you will never get banned for buying rs gold,.


2.Where to trade in runescape,we always trade face to face in grand exchange south gate in runescape EOC and lumbrige bank in runescape old school.when you trade,pls put a junk item in trade window,this will look like more safe.


3.Allsources of gold supply is legitimate and manual.pls dont leak your password to any website,when you buy runescape power leveling service,you need provide password.but dont submit password on the website,because there are so many hackers on the web,they can hack every site.but google mail is safe,you need send password by google mail to us attach withe the order mail will not leak any password.


4.Never return your rs gold to anyone after you got the gold,this is the most important part in runescape trade.because there are many scammer who spam to every players in grand exchange or lumbrige bank.we need note that we dont leak any info to the scammers,they just send same scam msg to every player if you got the msg,block him and report him.scammer char name is not the same to our farmer,it is only similar name,we never ask return your rs gold any time.


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